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KN-1 Visual Coordinator

Used for treatment of amblyopia.

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KN-1 Visual Coordinator

KN-1 (Visual Coordinator) is a medical device used to treat visual impairment. KN-1 is a medical device designed for exercises aimed at obtaining central fixation of vision and training of correct macular localization together with eye-hand coordination, which simultaneously improves vision. Exercises on KN-1 should be used for monocular visual impairment. The degree of visual impairment is irrelevant. KN-1 uses the Haidinger phenomenon, which can only be observed with a macula. The macula has a radial arrangement of retinal fibers and contains a yellow pigment, which makes perception of this phenomenon possible. KN-1 consists of a stable body with a forehead support with magnifying glass, a set of optotype discs, and a power supply. In the rear part of the device there are knobs to adjust the speed, brightness and a switch to change the direction of movement of the optical module disc to the left or right. KN-1 is one of the devices used in the Cüpper method for treatment of amblyopia, but it can also be used in conjunction with other devices (combined exercise).


Exercises with the KN-1 should be performed with special care in eccentric fixation, especially established in children over 6 years of age. There are unknown contra-indications to the use of the Haidinger phenomenon in these cases; it is only recommended that these exercises be performed skilfully in order to properly normalize the retina and regain macular, primary visual direction. Exercises must be performed under the supervision of an ophthalmologist or an orthoptist.

Packaging: 1 box, 480x360x50mm, weight ca. 7.5kg (gross)