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LA-1 Acoustic Locator

Used for improvement of the function of binocular vision.

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LA-1 Acoustic Locator

LA-1 (Acoustic Locator) is a medical device used to improve the function of binocular vision. LA-1 is a medical device used for location exercises in the treatment of vision impairment with the use of hearing. The purpose of the exercises is to improve visual acuity, consolidate central fixation, and practice proper localization and eye-hand coordination. LA-1 consists of a stable body with an inclined top on which one of the metal plates with pictures of different widths of outline is placed, a power supply and a stylus which the patient moves along the outline of the picture. There is a potentiometer on the back of the device to adjust the volume of the audible signal that sounds when the patient moves the pointer beyond the contour line. LA-1 is one of the devices used in the Cüpper method for treatment of amblyopia, but it can also be used in conjunction with other devices (combined exercise).


Exercises should only be performed under the supervision and as directed by an ophthalmologist or an orthoptist.

Packaging: 1 box, 380x360x210mm, weight ca. 5.5kg (gross)