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KM-1 Maddox Cross

Maddox tangent graduation has been used to diagnose strabismus and other eye disorders.

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KM-1 Maddox Cross

KM-1 (Maddox Cross) is a medical device intended for diagnosing strabismus disease and other eye disorders:

  • latent strabismus with the use of the Maddox rods,
  • size of the objective angle in manifest strabismus,
  • gamma angle,
  • retinal correspondence.

KM-1 has the shape of a cross consisting of 4 arms with numerical scales. There is a light (LED) in the centre of the connector/plate, which is the zero point. The different graduation intervals correspond to arc degrees: the larger scale is used for testing from a distance of 5 m, and the smaller scale is used for testing from a distance of 1 m.

Packaging: 1 box, 670x140x40mm, weight ca. 2kg (gross)