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AK-1 Convergence Trainer

Convergence is a symmetrical motion converging both eyeballs.

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AK-1 Convergence Trainer

AK-1 (Convergence Trainer) is a medical device used to improve convergence. Convergence exercises are being performed before and after surgery. Before surgery, the exercisesare used to strengthen convergence to prevent secondary deficiency after surgery. Sometimes convergence exercises are used as a supplement to orthoptic exercises, in cases which do not require surgery, e.g. in convergence deficiency, severe exophoria, intermittent divergent strabismus. AK-1 consists of a stable base with two brackets and a guide with a handle on which a spiral disc is placed. The device takes advantage of Bangerter’s idea by using an Archimedes spiral, through which a strong convergence stimulus is obtained.


If orthoptic exercises are used in patients with insufficient motor fusion, there is a danger of developing double vision. Occasionally, an accommodative spasm may develop due to excessive convergence exercises or too much control of highangle divergent strabismus. Exercises should only be performed under the supervision and as directed by an ophthalmologist or an orthoptist.

Packaging: 1 box, 270x790x420mm, weight ca. 8.5kg (gross)