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T-L stool

T-L has been designed for ophthalmic doctors. Ergonomically designed, made from a special foam half back-rest seat allows the ophthalmologist to work comfortably for many hours. The stool’s base has only 50 cm in diameter and is equipped with 5 self blocking casters. Pneumatic elevating column…

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T-L stool

T-L stools have been equipped with specially formed doctor’s seat with an ergonomic half-backrest and pneumatic height control. Thanks to lightweight T-L allows for a comfortable movement among the ophthalmic devices installed at doctor’s surgery. Base dia. 500mm, chrome finished, equipped with castors. Offered in black colour and with stamp-formed MDT logo only.

  • Higher seat: min. 540mm – 800mm
  • Lower seat: min. 460mm – 660mm