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Smart design combined with ergonomics and a full range of optional equipment. Offered in right-handed setup only.

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Product tech spec

  • SMART PLUS equipped with electrically elevated COMFORT chair (swivel and reclining systems – optional)
  • 2 instruments sliding table top with optional electrical height adjustment
  • Auto-refkeratometer, slit lamp DC power supply and adjusting knobs for a slit lamp illumination built-in the table top
  • Simple connection of different types of slit lamps: LED / halogen
  • Convenient control panel and easily accessible trial lenses tray with pivotal arm
  • Diagonal aluminium post with illumination LEDs and chart projector shelf
  • Wide selection of upholstery colours available without a surcharge
  • Right-handed setup only
  • Steel base powder coated
  • EU Declaration of Conformity provided

Product options

  • Reclination of COMFORT chair 33° (±1,5°)
  • Rotation of COMFORT chair 85° (±3°)
  • PREMIUM chair with foldable armrests and footrest, electrically elevated, reclining/swivel system built-in
  • PA-1000 counterbalanced phoropter arm (equipped with gas spring)
  • Table top electrically elevated equipped with safety device
  • Customised main body colours
  • Data transfer ports (USB 2.0, RS-232)
  • CBS-1000 Control Box Stand
  • Ophthalmoscope/retinoscope rack


Width 1 122 – 1 442mm 1 107 – 1 442mm
Depth 1 536 – 1 644mm 1 596mm
Height 1 786mm
Chair working range 493 – 693mm 507 – 707mm
Table top dimensions 900 x 440mm
Table top height (fixed) 878mm
Table top working range (height adjustable) 878 –  978mm

Technical specification

Supply voltage 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power 280VA
LED lamp power 9W
Power supply cord 3m with UniSchuko plug
Max. table top load 50kg
Max. chair load 150kg
Max. power of devices supplied from F-type sockets 450VA
Power supply voltage at the table top sockets (SL/AUX1) 2.5 – 24V DC
Supply current of the slit lamp fixator 0-100mA (LED) or 0-250mA (bulb)
Packaging 1 pallet, 120x80x160cm, ca. 175-225kg (gross)


Available colours

Additional Safety Note 2023-04-24
Dear Customers,
According to the Instruction for use of all refraction units manufactured by MDT, in patient chairs equipped with such an option, the footrests are designed to be used as a support for the patient’s feet during the examination. The chairs are being delivered with the raised footrest only for transportation reasons, but upon installation should be left open and used always in this position with the patient sitting on a chair. It is not allowed to move the chair up or down, with the footrest in a raised position. While using electro-mechanical parts of the unit, the operator must observe the patient’s position on a chair and make sure neither head, hands or legs are in a conflict with any moving parts of the unit – including chair movement, its armrest (if applicable), table top or phoropter arm sliding and rotating.