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Combines modern design with a full range of extras available, and allows for right- or left- handed setup.

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Product tech spec

  • ECO PLUS equipped with electrically elevated COMFORT chair (swivel and reclining systems – optional)
  • 2 instruments sliding table top with optional electrical height adjustment
  • Auto-refkeratometer, slit lamp DC power supply and adjusting knobs for a slit lamp illumination built-in the table top
  • Simple connection of different types of slit lamps: LED / halogen
  • Convenient control panel and easily accessible accessories drawer
  • Aluminium post with illumination LEDs and chart projector shelf
  • Wide selection of upholstery colours available without a surcharge
  • Right-handed setup as a standard, left-handed available upon order only
  • Steel base powder coated
  • EU Declaration of Conformity provided

Product options

  • Reclination of COMFORT chair 33° (±1,5°)
  • Rotation of COMFORT chair 85° (±3°)
  • PREMIUM chair with foldable armrests and footrest, electrically elevated, reclining/swivel system built-in
  • PA-1000 counterbalanced phoropter arm (equipped with gas spring)
  • PA-3000 linear phoropter arm (with upward/downward chair movement switches built-in)
  • Table top electrically elevated equipped with safety device
  • Customised main body colours
  • Left-handed available upon order only
  • Data transfer ports (USB 2.0, RS-232)
  • CBS-1000 Control Box Stand
  • Ophthalmoscope/retinoscope rack


Width 1 051 – 1 357mm 1 037 – 1 357mm
Depth 1 414 – 1 522mm 1 373 – 1 481mm
Height 1 817mm
Chair working range 493 – 693mm 507 – 707mm
Table top dimensions 880 x 450mm
Table top height (fixed) 878mm
Table top working range (height adjustable) 878 –  978mm

Technical specification

Supply voltage 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power 280VA
LED lamp power 9W
Power supply cord 3m with UniSchuko plug
Max. table top load 50kg
Max. chair load 150kg
Max. power of devices supplied from F-type sockets 450VA
Power supply voltage at the table top sockets (SL/AUX1) 2.5 – 24V DC
Supply current of the slit lamp fixator 0-100mA (LED) or 0-250mA (bulb)
Packaging 1 pallet, 120x80x160cm, ca. 225-270kg (gross)


Available colours