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All the lenses have been made of mineral glass Ø36mm, fitted in copper alloy rims Ø38mm, cylinders clearly marked. Additionally, the axis of the cylinder is aligned with the lens holder, which facilitates work in a dark room. The whole set has been placed in a portable carry case.

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39 pairs of concave (-) spheres and 39 pairs of convex (+) spheres with a power of:

  • 0.25D to 6.00D in 0.25D steps
  • 6.50D to 10.00D in 0.50D steps
  • 11.00D to 14.00D in 1.00D steps
  • 16.00D, 18.00D, 20.00D

20 pairs of concave (-) cylinders and 20 pairs of convex (+) cylinders with a power of:

  • 0.25D to 4.00D in 0.25D steps
  • 4.50D to 6.00D in 0.50D steps

14 prisms Δ:

  • 0.50D (x2)
  • 1.00D (x2)
  • 2.00D (x2)
  • 3.00D (x2)
  • 4.00D (x2)
  • 5.00D
  • 6.00D
  • 8.00D
  • 10.00D


  • BL Occluder
  • PH Pinhole (x2)
  • SS Stenopeic Slit
  • MR Maddox white
  • CL Crossed Line
  • PL Plano Lens (0D)
  • GF Green Filter
  • RF Red Filter
  • CC Cross Cylinder (-0.50D) with handle grip


1box; 610x410x100mm